Lighting Consoles, (networkable)

Lighting Control Consoles designed for profrssional theatre and touring applications.

Typically these consoles are part of a network addressing multiple DMX universes, with backup compatability.

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High End Systems Hog 4 Control Console in Roadcase with DMX Processor 8000 Package High End Systems
ETC Element Control Console - 60 Faders, 250 Channels ETC
GIO 4K Lighting Console Inc 4240A2010 AccKit ETC
High End Systems Hedge Hog 4N Console High End Systems
ETC Element 60 Console with 500 Channels 60 Faders ETC
ETC Element 40 Console with 500 Channels 40 Faders ETC
High End Systems Full Boar 4 Control Console in Road Case High End Systems
ETC Element Control Console - 40 Faders, 250 Channels ETC
High End Systems Road Hog 4 Control Console without Roadcase High End Systems
Zero 88 FLX S48 Console ZERO
MA Lighting 8port MA3 OnPC node MALIG
GrandMA3 onPC Command Wing XT MALIG
Grand MA3 on PCCommand Wing MALIG
GrandMA3 light MALIG